Caribbean Marine Services

Caribbean Marine undertakes and provides services in all types of marine surveys, investigations, and consultative work, on behalf of P&I Clubs, vessel owners, operators, charterers, management companies, H&M underwriters, ship agents, importers and exporters, financial institutions, and any entity in the marine transportation industry.

The USA and Jamaica office staff are available 24/7, and are able to contact the appropriate network surveyor at any time.

In locations where a P&I Club do not have a direct correspondent, Caribbean Marine provides the same quality and level of service with one of our network surveyors, with communication being centralized to assure the client of rapid response. 

The principal services undertaken, not in any order of precedence, are as follows:Container Damage

  1. P&I correspondency, and surveys and investigations
  2. Incident and damage investigations into cause, extent of damage, liability, costs and salvage opportunities.
  3. General average surveys and all associated matters dealing with claims.
  4. H&M surveys
  5. Facility surveys
  6. Cargo surveys – draft, pre-service, loading, discharge, quantity, quality, damage
  7. Vessel condition surveys; on& off-hire, bunker surveys
  8. Ultrasonic hatch cover testing
  9. Machinery surveys
  10. On-site dry-docking and repair inspections and surveys
  11. Container surveys – damage, pre-service, interchange, cargo, re-stuffing, on all types including tank, flat, general purpose, reefer
  12. Loading and securing/lashing surveys
  13. Represent Class Societies, Flag States, Registries
  14. Private vessel, fishing vessel, and tour operator small craft surveys.
  15. Fixed fire extinguisher cylinder testing using ultrasonic level detector (Negating the need to take the system out of service or remove the cylinders for weighing, thus saving much labor and time and reducing the potential for accident or injury while moving the cylinders.)

Core Activities:

– Groundings and collision, including ship/jetty
– Dry container and cargo damage
– Refrigerated container and cargo damage
– Tank container pre-service 
– Pre-cargo surveys (Dry/Liquid Bulk, and break bulk, refrigerated, containerized)
– Cargo discharge, and cargo disputes
– Liquid cargo surveys
– Underwater inspections and surveys
– Personal injury investigations
– Supervision, handling, securing and stowage of containerized cargo
– Supervision of securing and loading of break bulk cargoes
– Oil spill investigations
– Machinery space fire/accident investigations
– Machinery failure investigations
– Cargo handling gear investigations
– Representation at salvage operations, and assessment of salvage services
– Preparation of vessel repair specification 
– Supervision of vessel repairs and modifications
– Technical coordination and supervision of contract services on behalf of shipowners 
– Represent Flag States (LISCR)
– Represent ICSB-BV (International Container Survey Buro)
– Represent Gantrex/Cavotec Canada (Gantry Crane fixtures)
– Represent Phoenix Fendering Systems