About Caribbean Marine

Founded in Jamaica in 1994, Caribbean Marine and P&I Services (CMPI), originally servicing Jamaican ports has grown to cover the entire Caribbean region.  To better serve the growing list of international clientele, the headquarters was relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2002.

Through the establishment of strategic agreements and contracts with other marine service companies and surveyors, the company provide services throughout the Caribbean, from several strategic locations. Over the years the list of services offered has increased substantially. Recent undertakings include matters such as oil spills, vessel groundings, cargo disputes, cargo damages, terminal damage from collision, collisions at sea, vessel condition surveys, and many others.

The company is listed as correspondent and surveyors for several P&I clubs, some of whom are members of The International Group of P&I Clubs, acting directly on instruction from the clubs on behalf of either the club or the entered member. Some of the other P&I insurers CMPI acts for are: Vietnam P&I, China P&I, Russia P&I, and general insurers AXA, VHT, Zurich, and many others.

In locations where a P&I Club does not have a direct correspondent, Caribbean Marine provides the same quality and level of service with one of our network surveyors, with all communication being centralized to assure the client of rapid response.