Core Activities

Surveys and investigations: 
– P & I incidents
– H&M damage
– Groundings and collision, including ship/jetty
– Dry container and cargo damage
– Refrigerated container and cargo damage
– Tank container pre-service 
– Vessel condition surveys for shipowners,underwriters,P&I Clubs
– Bunker surveys and On/Off Hire surveys
– Pre-cargo surveys (Dry/Liquid Bulk, and break bulk, refrigerated, containerized)
– Cargo discharge, and cargo disputes
– Liquid cargo surveys
– Underwater inspections & surveys
– Personal injury investigations
– Supervision, handling, securing and stowage of containerized cargo
– Supervision of securing and loading of break bulk cargoes
– Oil spill investigations
– Machinery space fire/accident investigations
– Machinery failure investigations
– Cargo handling gear investigations
– Representation at salvage operations, and assessment of salvage services
– Preparation of vessel repair specification 
– Supervision of vessel repairs and modifications
– Technical coordination and supervision of contract services on behalf of shipowners 
– Represent Flag States (LISCR)
– Represent ICSB-BV (International Container Survey Buro)
– Represent Gantrex/Cavotec Canada (Gantry Crane fixtures)
– Represent Phoenix Fendering Systems